Words from the Dead

by Ofärd

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Scumbag In the past I've only had fleeting interactions with folk and viking metal, but I've noticed my interests in it growing lately (especially since recently seeing Claim The Throne live). The title track from this single is one of the better tracks from the genre that I've found so far! Favorite track: Words from the Dead (the Living won’t Listen).
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Recorded during May/June 2012 at Gråborg Studios and La Nave de Oseberg Studios.

Sound producer: Rodrigo Gudiña.
Recording engineers: Jorge Perini and Rodrigo Gudiña.
Mix and mastering: Sebastián Manta.

Loops used in Völvans Spådom by Jens Engelbrecht and Peo Drangert (“Scandinavian Roots Vol. 1”)

The cover illustrates a Völva (an alleged seer and practicant of sejd) holding a staff that resembles the Viking Age artifact (SHM inventory no. 25840) found in Klinta, Öland, in 1957. The raised stones and surrounding nature capture the essence of the typical cultural landscape seen in Southern Öland. The original painting was made by contemporary artist Martin Enrique Pelozo (contacto@mepolus.com.ar) especially for this single.

Layout and complementary artwork by Segersäll and Morten Gråfäll.

In case you wondered, Ofärd do not believe in politics, fundamentalism, religious or racial intolerance, or any other kind of narrow-minded behaviour. They believe in Nature, Music and the strong bonds that unite lovers, family and brethren.

No folk instruments were harmed during the recording of this single!

Contact us: info@ofard.net
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ofard.page


released July 1, 2012

Ofärd are:
Segersäll: Vocals, guitars, Irish bouzouki, jaw's harp, hurdy-gurdy, månmarkapipa, shawm, hulusi, tin whistle and duduk.
Morten Gråfäll: Nyckelharpa, säckpipa and programming.

Guest artists:
Matias Taubas Oyola: Bass.
Pablo Taubas Oyola: Drums.
Pablo Monteys: Soprano and Alto sax.
Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson: Backing vocals and Völva interpretation.



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Deeply rooted in tradition, Ofärd (pronounced approx. /ooh-færd/) is an innovative Scandinavian Folk Metal act that came to life in the ancient wilderness of Öland in 2011.

With lyrics based on nature, folklore, cultural heritage and factual episodes and legends from the Scandinavian megalithic antiquity, bronze age, vendel age and viking age, Ofärd intends to give a new dimension to folk metal.
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Track Name: Words from the Dead (the Living won’t Listen)
Wolves in the temple we are,
Locked jaw to jaw in vile opposition,
Blemish the gifts of the gods
Heaving our poison in clear-water rivers

Vargar i véum

The black sword of Surtr is ours,
Brandished to scorch our way through the masses.
The false tongue of Loki is ours,
The lies that we tell prove our best allies

Words from the dead
The living won´t listen

Fear - our deepest fears
Are written in this saga,
Seer - please talk to me
The impending doom is near

Forsworn and furtive we stand,
Patching up holes on the ships that seclude us,
Harvesting nails till the end,
The hour is nigh, the eagre´s upon us

Langrækið hafið

We battered and savaged the norns,
Took over the wheel, entangling our life-threads,
Fire and steel make the law:
Each pays its toll or burns down to ashes

Words from the dead
The living won´t listen

Fear - our deepest fears
Are written in this saga,
Seer - please talk to me
The impending doom is near
Track Name: Völvans Spådom

Völva! Rístu upp gamla, vitra kona.
Opnaðu dauð, hvít augun.
Horfðu í hyldýpið.
Til ókomna daga.
Hvað sérðu? Hvernig endar þetta?


Garm nu gräsligt skäller
framför Gnipahålan;
fjättern skall brista,
och fri blir ulven.
Då skälver Yggdrasil,
urträdet jämrar sig.

Bröder banemän bliva,
systrars barn
sitt släktskap spilla;
vindålder, vargålder,
hårt är i världen,
yxtid, klingtid,
innan världen störtas;
Naglfar lossnar.

Solen svartnar,
jord sänkes i hav,
flammande stjärnor från fästet falla
upp ångar imma, och elden lågar.

Dunklets drake flygande nalkas,
nedifrån Nidafjäll.
Människors kroppar,
på vingarna bär.

Men gammal är hon, trött är hon,
nu skall hon åter sjunka
Track Name: Man of Iron (Bathory´s cover)
I have paced these forests for so long
I don`t know if I am a man or I am beast
I though hold deep within me a quest for revenge
Then I must be a man as much as I can be.

I have learned to speak the tongue of animal
I have learned to read the signs in bark and snow
I have taken within myself the spirits of my fathers
long time gone.

In this short time, far from home
A man of iron I`ve grown
A man of iron I have grown.